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Fig. 6

From: Non-stationary ETAS to model earthquake occurrences affected by episodic aseismic transients

Fig. 6

Seismicity Map of North Island, New Zealand and the target study area. Epicenters of earthquakes with magnitudes \(M\ge 2.5\) in the North Island (New Zealand) region with depths shallower than 65 km for the period 2012/01 to 2017/5 selected from the GeoNet catalog. The contours (in mm/year) show the cumulative slip of all detected SSEs on the Hikurangi subduction interface since 2002 until 2012, b taken from Wallace et al. (2012). Only the earthquakes with epicenters in the spatial window shown are considered for analysis in this study. Also displayed in the figure are the locations of cGPS station whose data are examined in the present study to investigate the association of slow slip earthquakes with increased seismicity

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