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Table 4 Two-layered media with different impedance ratios and cap-layered media (V p = 2V s, density = 2.0 g/cm3)

From: Application of a simplified calculation for full-wave microtremor H/V spectral ratio based on the diffuse field approximation to identify underground velocity structures

Layer V s Depth
1 V s1 = 100 m/s 10 m(= λ 0/4)
2 2V s1 4V s1 5V s1 6V s1 7V s1 8V s1 400 m(= 10λ 0)a
Cap 4V s1 8V s1 10V s1 12V s1 14V s1 16V s1
  1. aThe thickness of second layer is infinite for two-layered medium