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Table 1 Summary of the LEPe instrument specifications

From: Low-energy particle experiments–electron analyzer (LEPe) onboard the Arase spacecraft

Parameter   Unit Remark
Dimension \(180.0\hbox {DIA} \times 204.5\hbox {H}\) mm Upper cylinder part
\(193.\hbox {0D} \times 131.0\hbox {W }\times 64.0\hbox {H}\) mm Lower box part
Mass 5.512 Kg  
Power consumption 8.8 W 44 V, 0.20 A, incl. PSU’s efficiency
Raw data production 24.6 kbyte/spin Science data, w/o compression
G-factor    Incl. mesh transmission
\(9.34\times 10^{-4}\) \(\hbox {cm}^2\) sr keV/keV Coarse ch, averaged
\(2.15\times 10^{-4}\) \(\hbox {cm}^2\) sr keV/keV Fine ch, averaged
Energy range  19–19,000 eV At 4 kV HV
Energy step 32 steps  
Energy resolution 9.2 % FWHM
Field of views \(2.98\,\times \sim 270\) deg  
Angular resolution    \(\hbox {EL}\times \hbox {AZ}\), FWHM
\(2.89 \times 21.5\) deg Coarse ch, averaged
\(3.05 \times 4.71\) deg Fine ch, averaged