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Fig. 8

From: Overview of Akatsuki data products: definition of data levels, method and accuracy of geometric correction

Fig. 8

Sequential longitude–latitude maps of radiance (IR2 2.26 μm). Sequential longitude–latitude maps of radiance taken in 2.26 μm by IR2 camera on August 26, 2016 (08:03, 10:03, 12:03, 14:03, 16:03, 18:03, 20:03, and 22:03), which are subtracted images between the original radiance images and the images smoothed by a Gaussian filter with half-width of 2° in both directions. For visibility, the cloud feature shown in (a) is shown being shifted westward with 80 m s−1 in the following panels. Cloud patterns over the whole domain shown in the panels shift westward discontinuously in (e) probably due to mismapping, as indicated by the white arrows. Feature A mentioned in the text is denoted by the black arrows

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