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Table 4 Sensitivity coefficients for the four channels of the 1-μm camera

From: Initial products of Akatsuki 1-μm camera

Channel Sensitivity coefficient*
0.90 µm (day) 61.7 ± 4.7
0.90 µm (night) 0.0756 ± 0.0058
0.97 µm 0.608 ± 0.070
1.01 µm 1.35 ± 0.91
  1. The difference among nightside sensitivity coefficients as large as a factor of ten seems to come mostly from difference in quantum efficiency. Those wavelengths are near the edge of Si detector sensitivity at around 1.05 μm. The error due to difference between the actual spectral shape and the black body is not included here
  2. *Unit: μW/cm2/µm/sr/(ADU/s) where ADU = analogue to digital conversion unit