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Fig. 2

From: Mean winds at the cloud top of Venus obtained from two-wavelength UV imaging by Akatsuki

Fig. 2

Band-pass filtered 365-nm radiance and cloud-tracking results for December 7, 2015; a 17:29, b 20:19, and c 22:19 UTC used for tracking (W m−2 sr−1 μm−1). Arrows a show the horizontal wind deviation from a pure solid-body rotation with a westward speed of 100 m/s at the equator. The arrow on the lower right of the panel indicates the length scale of 20 m/s. The longitude (abscissa) ranges of the panels are shifted to cancel the solid-body rotation. Colored “+” symbols at the initial time a show the centers of the template regions for cloud tracking, whereas those at later times b, c show their positions advected linearly with time by the CMVs. Red bullets indicate the subsolar point. Vertical dotted lines indicate where the local time is 12 and 15 h

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