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Fig. 3

From: Isolated intermediate-depth seismicity north of the Izu peninsula, Japan: implications for subduction of the Philippine Sea Plate

Fig. 3

a Map and cross-sectional views of the JMA locations of 42 earthquakes analyzed in this study. Colors and sizes of circles are proportional to the focal depth and magnitude, respectively. The focal mechanism of the M3.1 earthquake determined by the JMA is shown. Gray squares with names denote seismograph stations. The dashed rectangle outlines the area shown in b. b Density scatter plots (small dots) of two earthquakes at depths of 50–55 km. Circles and stars denote JMA hypocenters and hypocenters relocated by NLLoc (Lomax et al. 2000), respectively. In the inset, red and black lines denote the 1D P-wave velocity model used in NLLoc and the JMA2001 model (Ueno et al. 2001), respectively

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