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Fig. 4

From: Isolated intermediate-depth seismicity north of the Izu peninsula, Japan: implications for subduction of the Philippine Sea Plate

Fig. 4

a Distribution of focal depths with respect to SP times observed at stations with epicentral distances of < 10 km. Error bars in focal depths are taken from the JMA unified catalogue; error bars for SP times are calculated from uncertainties in each P- and S-wave pick. b Examples of waveforms of UD and NS components at station N.KWKH. Waveforms are band-passed from 2 to 16 Hz and then aligned with manually picked P-wave arrival times. P- and S-wave arrival times are indicated by arrows on the UD and NS components, respectively. Focal depths and magnitudes are indicated in the leftmost side below each waveform. Waveforms are not shown for earthquakes without P-wave picks at this station

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