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Fig. 5

From: Isolated intermediate-depth seismicity north of the Izu peninsula, Japan: implications for subduction of the Philippine Sea Plate

Fig. 5

a Map showing the distribution of 40 earthquakes relocated with hypoDD (see text for procedural details). Available earthquake focal mechanisms (#1–#7 and M3.1 earthquake) are shown in equal-area lower-hemisphere projections. Two lines, A–A’ and B–B’, are profiles along which cross sections are shown in b and c, respectively. b Vertical cross section of earthquakes along line A–A’, showing events within 3 km of the line. c As for b, but for line B–B’. d Focal mechanism solutions of seven earthquakes (#1–#7) determined in this study. Filled and open circles indicate compressional and dilatational first motions, respectively. Magnitudes of earthquakes are shown above their respective beach ball plots

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