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Fig. 5

From: Venus looks different from day to night across wavelengths: morphology from Akatsuki multispectral images

Fig. 5

Selected images from the UVI camera taken from the 283 nm (left column) and 365 nm (right column). Latitude and longitude lines are shown with 45° spacing. (North pole is at the bottom.) Generally images taken through the 283- and 365-nm filters are very close together in time. Simultaneous imaging is not possible from the camera in the two filters which occupy different locations on the filter wheel in the camera and the time difference between them is about 150 s. At very close approach to Venus, complete overlap between 283- and 365-nm images is not possible due to the fast movement of Akatsuki it its orbit. All of the images are shown in calibrated versions with latitude–longitude overlays (north hemisphere is at the bottom in most images) and they have been scaled to the fit the frames. Geometry information is given in Table 2 for the displayed images

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