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Table 2 Summary of main lineaments identified in the study area

From: Validation of gravity data from the geopotential field model for subsurface investigation of the Cameroon Volcanic Line (Western Africa)

Lineaments Trend Significance
L20 NW–SE Boundary fault continent—ocean
L24 N–S Limit Douala sedimentary basin—Pan-African belt
L15, L17, L19 NE–SW Contact Pan-African Belt—Congo craton
L11, L16 NE–SW Sanaga River fault
L18 N–S SW Cameroon SZ
L22 NE–SW Lineament of Bioko island
L34 N–S Mundemba synclinal
L33 N–S Bikoki Anticlinal
L40 E–W Mamfé lineament
L37 N–S Granit anticlinal of SE Takamanda
L39 NE–SW Benekuma fault
L1 NE–SW Geological contact granite—high-grade gneiss
L2, L3 ENE–WSW to NE–SW Foumban SZ (CASZ)