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Table 2 Open crack parameters estimated from the first inversion (no reservoir at depth)

From: InSAR analysis for detecting the route of hydrothermal fluid to the surface during the 2015 phreatic eruption of Hakone Volcano, Japan

Length (m) Width (m) Altitudea (m) Strike (°) Dip (°) Eastb (°) Northb (°) Opening (cm)
1853.0 671.9 851.9 (892.4) 311.80 86.88 139.034072 35.233130 12.48
  1. aAltitude is height above sea level of the open crack top edge, with ellipsoidal height in parentheses
  2. bEast and North coordinates are in WGS84 and refer to the upper left corner of an open crack