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Fig. 10

From: Chronology of the 2015 eruption of Hakone volcano, Japan: geological background, mechanism of volcanic unrest and disaster mitigation measures during the crisis

Fig. 10

Photographs taken during and after the eruption. a Ash fall on the bonnet of a car at Sounzan station (Fig. 1; 13:52 of June 29). b Ash fall on a REGMOS at Owakudani (Fig. 2; 14:40 of June 29). Note that the ash fall track is inclined. c Plume of the 2015 eruption from Miyagino, east–northeast of Owakudani at 5:51 of June 30. d Photograph taken from Miyagino at about 23:00 on July 1 shows no apparent plume above the eruption center. Photographs were taken by HSRI (a, b) and JMA (c, d). See Fig. 1 for location of the JMA live camera

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