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Fig. 18

From: Chronology of the 2015 eruption of Hakone volcano, Japan: geological background, mechanism of volcanic unrest and disaster mitigation measures during the crisis

Fig. 18

Changes of water and gas chemistries, steam emission and temperature of steam from newly formed fumaroles at Owakudani before and after the eruption. a Cl content (ppm) and b Cl/SO42− ratio of Owakuzawa River (Loc. 1) and natural spring #2 (Loc. 2). c CO2 content (ppm) and d CO2/H2S ratio of volcanic gas seeping to the surface (Loc. 3). e Average brightness of digital images of eruption area. Since steam is white, average brightness of image of eruption area is expected to increase as a function of steam emission. Red dots imply value for images taken by time-lapse cameras installed by HSRI and blue dots for webcam installed by IRI. f Temperature of 15-2 fumarole. Sampling locations are shown in Fig. 2

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