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Fig. 8

From: Chronology of the 2015 eruption of Hakone volcano, Japan: geological background, mechanism of volcanic unrest and disaster mitigation measures during the crisis

Fig. 8

Development of steaming activity at Owakudani before the 2015 Hakone eruption. See Fig. 2 for the shooting locations. a Slightly intensified steaming from the no. 39 SPW (16:48, May 2, 2015; from location c. b Blowout of no. 39 (7:36, May 3, 2015; from near REGMOS). c Ground steaming around the no. 39 SPW (10:35, May 18, 2015; from near REGMOS). d Ground steaming around the no. 39 SPW (9:04, June 20, 2015; from near HSRI camera). Note that no. 39 SPW is not steaming in late June. All photos were taken by HSRI

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