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Fig. 13

From: Medium-energy particle experiments—electron analyzer (MEP-e) for the exploration of energization and radiation in geospace (ERG) mission

Fig. 13

Relationship between the electron incident energies and signal pulse heights obtained in the laboratory. The circles indicate the peaks of the PH distributions at corresponding energies for 27–28 °C. The applied HV to the APD was approximately − 180 V. The width of the gray shaded band illustrates the 1σ range of the PH distribution varying with the incident energy. The standard deviation σ is not the same for the upper and lower sides of the peak, as they are derived from fittings with two different half-Gaussians for the upper and lower halves of the PH distributions. In order to obtain this data set, the sensor was irradiated with electron beams of varying incident energies ranging within 7–90 keV in the laboratory

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