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Table 2 Normal data of the MEP-e

From: Medium-energy particle experiments—electron analyzer (MEP-e) for the exploration of energization and radiation in geospace (ERG) mission

Size (bytes) Data Notes
28 Header Time indicator, spin phase, etc
384 12-bit counter: SV(16) × Azm (16) Noise-reduced data
384 12-bit counter: SV(16) × Azm (16) Raw (noise-remaining) data
960 List data (6 bytes per event, 160 events at maximum, first-come base) One event includes SV step (4 bits), pulse height (12 bits), azimuth channel (4 bits), APD temperature (6 bit × 4), and SV table ID (1 bit). 10 events per SV step at maximum
  1. A packet is produced for every spin phase