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Fig. 1

From: Data assimilation experiment of precipitable water vapor observed by a hyper-dense GNSS receiver network using a nested NHM-LETKF system

Fig. 1

a Simulation domain of inner model. Red triangles and plus symbols indicate selected and unselected GEONET stations for data assimilation, respectively. The rectangle A is the domain for evaluating the simulation accuracy of hourly accumulated rainfall amounts. Seven GEONET stations inside the circle and the GNSS stations of the Uji network were used to investigate the spatial inhomogeneity of PWV. b The dense GNSS receiver network around Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Blue and red triangles indicate stations of the Uji network and GEONET, respectively. Contour lines indicate elevations of the ground (m). A rain gauge was installed at RISH station

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