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Fig. 6

From: Geospace exploration project ERG

Fig. 6

Integrated plots for the ERG satellite observations on April 9, 2017. a Frequency-time diagrams of a PWE/HFA, b PWE/OFA (electric field), c PWE/OFA (magnetic field), and d PWE/EFD. Energy-time diagrams of electrons from e 400 keV to 5 MeV by XEP, f 70–1000 keV by HEP-L, g 7–87 keV by MEP-e, and h 17 eV to 20 keV by LEP-e. Energy-time diagrams of protons from i 5–110 keV/q by MEP-i and j 10 eV/q to 25 keV/q by LEP-i. k Satellite potential measured by PWE/EFD, l ambient magnetic field measured by MGF, and m AL index. Yellow and magenta lines in panels ac indicate the electron gyrofrequency and the half electron gyrofrequency derived from the MGF observations at the satellite position

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