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Table 2 List of science instruments onboard ERG satellite

From: Geospace exploration project ERG

Instrument   Measurement
LEP-e Low-energy particle experiments–electron analyzer 19 eV–20 keV (electron)
MEP-e Medium-energy particle experiments–electron analyzer 7–87 keV (electron)
HEP High-energy electron experiments  
70 keV–1 MeV (electron)
0.7–2 MeV (electron)
XEP Extremely high-energy electron experiment 400 keV–20 MeV (electron)
LEP-i Low-energy particle experiments–ion mass analyzer 10 eV/q–25 keV/q (ions) (mass discriminations)
MEP-i Medium-energy particle experiments–ion mass analyzer 10–180 keV/q (ions) (mass discriminations)
PWE Plasma wave experiment  
 Electric field detector (EFD) DC-512 Hz (electric field waveform and spectrum)
 Onboard frequency analyzer (OFA) 10 Hz–20 kHz (electric field spectrum)
1 Hz–20 kHz (magnetic field spectrum)
 Waveform capture (WFC) 10 Hz–20 kHz (electric field waveform)
1 Hz–20 kHz (magnetic field waveform)
 High-frequency analyzer (HFA) 10 kHz–10 MHz (electric field spectrum)
10 kHz–100 kHz (magnetic field spectrum)
MGF Magnetic field experiment DC–256 Hz (magnetic field waveform)
S-WPIA Software-type wave–particle interaction analyzer Phase between waves and particles