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Fig. 3

From: A new miniaturized magnetometer system for long-term distributed observation on the seafloor

Fig. 3

a Examples of geomagnetic field variation data of every 60 s from October 20 to November 8, 2016. The north component (H), the east component (D), and the vertical downward component (Z) of the geomagnetic field variation in the geomagnetic coordinate system are shown from the top panel to the bottom. Observation data by the conventional magnetometer at site OBM1 and from the ground-based observatory Kakioka, Japan, are also plotted for comparison. Note that these plots do not include data points at the time that the control boards simultaneously measured tilt, temperature, and primary battery voltage. b Raw data examples of three-axis magnetic fields at sites OBM1 and OBM3 in October 22, 2016, with flags for temperature, battery voltage, and tilt measurements, and writing data on the memory

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