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Table 3 Measured coordinates and length of the Shionohara baseline

From: Triangulation scale error caused by the 1894 Shonai earthquake: a possible cause of erroneous interpretation of seismic potential along the Japan Trench

   East West Length (m)
1894 GRS80* 38º50′1.19570″N 38º49′50.42285″N 5129.6096
140º 21′35.39900″E 140º18′3.17182″E
Bessel** 38º49′50.7913″N 38º49′40.0249″N 5129.5872
140º21′47.6756″E 140º18′15.4319″E
2012 GRS80*** 38º50′1.16550″N 38º49′50.39528″N 5129.6767
140º21′35.48986″E 140º18′3.25970″E
Bessel* 38º49′50.76110″N 38º49′39.99733″N 5129.6526
140º21′47.76646″E 140º18′15.51979″E
  1. *Calculated with TKY2JGD software
  2. **Coordinates are calculated through network adjustment with PLATEAU software. Length was measured by baseline survey
  3. ***Measured with GPS