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Table 1 The XEP specifications

From: The extremely high-energy electron experiment (XEP) onboard the Arase (ERG) satellite

Parameter Value Notes
Sensor Extremely high-energy electron experiment  
Type of measurement Electron  
Energy range 0.4–20 MeV  
E/E < 8% (SSD region) FWHM
E/E < 60% (main scintillator region) FWHM
Geometry factor 0.0088 cm2 sr Calibrated in the numerical model
FOV 20°  
Spin Phase 16 phases/spin  
Type of data Table mode (16ch)/list mode  
List mode (for S-WPIA)
Table mode (for Space Weather)
Dimension 317 mm × 250 mm × 174 mm  
Weight 5281 g  
Power consumption 16.7 W