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Fig. 6

From: The 2010 seismovolcanic crisis at Taal Volcano (Philippines)

Fig. 6

Multi-parametric data recorded during the 2010 seismovolcanic crisis between January 1, 2010, and March 31, 2011. Gray boxes correspond to periods of seismic activity. Colored boxes match the different phases of tilt variations during the crisis (see text for detail). From top to bottom—Horizontal components of the electric field at DAK station (S–N, E–W), Thermal gradient at DAK, Horizontal components of the electric field at MCL station (N–S, E–W), thermal gradient at MCL, total magnetic difference [DAKMUT], NS and EW components of the self-leveling borehole tiltmeter at DAK, daily number of earthquakes (PHIVOLCS document) and daily rainfall (in mm/day) at the local Buco Observatory. Black triangles represent bay-type thermal anomalies, black diamonds correspond to sharp transient thermal anomalies, and black circles figure the onset of larger common electric field and tilt signals (see text for detail). Rainfall above 25 mm (blue line) and above 50 mm (dark line) is added to each plot for comparison with single parameters

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