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Table 1 Current optimal parameters of the Saura radar

From: On the role of anisotropic MF/HF scattering in mesospheric wind estimation

Geographic coordinates \(69.14^\circ \)N; \(16.02^\circ \)E
Frequency 3.17 MHz
Peak pulse power 120 kW, 0.5%
Antenna array gain 18.4 dBi
Half-power beam width \(6.3^\circ \)
Receiver channel 9
Range resolution, pulse width 1 km
Typical beam Vertical: \(\theta =0^\circ \), \(\phi =0^\circ \)
Pointing directions \(\theta =6.8^\circ \): \(\phi =56.2^\circ , 146.2^\circ \)
  \(236.2^\circ , 326.2^\circ \)