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Fig. 9

From: Remanence cycling of 0.6–135 µm magnetites across the Verwey transition

Fig. 9

Memory or remanence recovery ratios as a function of grain size for a 300-K saturation IRM cycled to 10 K and back to 300 K, and b 10-K saturation IRM cycled to 300 K and back to 10 K. In a the full-cycle ratio R2 = M300/M300 is more easily measured and more practical but shows more scatter than the half-cycle ratio R1 = M10/M300. Neither data trend incorporates the results for the 110 and 135 µm magnetites, whose room temperature memories are anomalously high. In b, the half-cycle memory ratios M300/M10 come closer to lying on a single trend. Full-cycle ratios (not plotted) are similar to the half-cycle ratios

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