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Fig. 9 | Earth, Planets and Space

Fig. 9

From: Reductive chemical demagnetization: a new approach to magnetic cleaning and a case study of reef limestones

Fig. 9

Typical examples of orthogonal vector plots of stepwise demagnetization on the NRM of the reef limestone samples. a Result with AF demagnetization. NRM remains after 100 mT. b Thermal demagnetization removes NRM more efficiently than AF demagnetization, but the characteristic ChRM direction is not always identified. c The sample was subjected to RCD before AF demagnetization. A relatively large secondary component of NRM was demagnetized via RCD, and NRM was completely demagnetized via AF demagnetization. The specimens labeled a, c were sister specimens, and b was taken from adjoining core in a same site (P-18)

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