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Table 1 List of estimated parameters

From: Estimating global geodetic parameters using SLR observations to Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, GPS, and QZSS

Common parameters
 Station coordinates X, Y, Z for each station per 7 days with NNR/NNT constraints on core stations
 Pole coordinates X pole, Y pole; eight parameters per 7 days using piece-wise linear parameterization
 UT1–UTC Eight parameters per 7 days; fourth parameter fixed to IERS-14-C04
 Geocenter coordinates X, Y, Z per 7 days
Separate parameters
 LAGEOS orbits 6 Keplerian + 5 empirical:
\(S_0, S_{S1}, S_{C1}, W_{S1}, W_{C1}\) per 7 days
 GNSS orbits Fixed or estimated (see Table 2)
6 Keplerian + 7 ECOM2
\(D_0, Y_0, B_0, D_{S2}, D_{C2},B_{S1}, B_{S1}\) per 5 days
 Range biases Selected stations; one value per 7 days Depending on parameterization from Table 2