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Table 1 Observation instruments

From: Earthquake-induced prompt gravity signals identified in dense array data in Japan

Instrument Channels used Sampling rate (Hz) Distance from the hypocenter Output used
Superconducting gravimeter 2 (Kamioka and Matsushiro) 40 515 km (Kamioka),
436 km (Matsushiro)
Vertical gravity acceleration (m/s2)
Broadband seismometer 27 out of 71 (F-net) 20 From 505 to 1421 km Vertical ground velocity (m/s) converted to acceleration (m/s2)
Tiltmeter 553 out of 1412 (Hi-net) 20 From 264 to 1349 km Ground tilt (rad) converted to horizontal acceleration (m/s2)