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Fig. 2

From: Viscosities of the crust and upper mantle constrained by three-dimensional GPS rates in the Sichuan–Yunnan fragment of China

Fig. 2

GPS vertical rates of the Sichuan–Yunnan fragment. Subfigures a, b and c show the results from Hao et al. (2016), Liang et al. (2013), Pan et al. (2018), respectively. d GPS vertical rates of weighted average using the previous datasets in b and c. Blue and red arrows denote the up and down GPS vertical rates, respectively. The northern and southern red lines denote the Xiaojin River fault zone (XJRF) and Red River fault zone (RRF), respectively. The magenta triangle denotes Tengchong volcano field (TCVF). The fault data are from Deng et al. (2003). The black lines crossing the fault zones are dividing the area into three sections: A, B and C shown in the figure. e The symbols with different colors and shapes denote the averages of the vertical rates and standard deviations from different studies. The black line denotes zero value of the rate, and the light gray area denotes the topography along 101° east longitude

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