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Fig. 4

From: Viscosities of the crust and upper mantle constrained by three-dimensional GPS rates in the Sichuan–Yunnan fragment of China

Fig. 4

VTSs and \(V_{\text{c}}\) of the SYF. a The distribution of the VTSs and \(V_{\text{c}}\). The blue and red arrows denote up and down vertical rates \(V_{\text{c}}\) deduced from three-dimension GPS rate field, respectively. The colors represent the VTSs. The black contour lines with numbers show the depth of Moho. The red squares denote the stations with inconsistent orientations between VTSs and \(V_{\text{c}}\). The meaning of the symbols and lines is same as Fig. 2. b Scatters of the VTS and \(V_{\text{c}}\). The black line crossing the origin is the linear fitting of the scatters, and the gray area denotes the standard deviation of the scatters. Vertical and horizontal dashed lines are the zero lines of the VTS and \(V_{\text{c}}\), respectively. The blue, yellow and purple dots denote the scatters of the averages of the three sections (A, B and C in Fig. 4a). The error bars denote the standard deviations in A, B and C sections

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