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Table 4 Decomposed major and minor DC MTs of the CMT solution for the Mw5.6 (MJMA6.1) northern Osaka mainshock (preserving P-axis)

From: Seismotectonics of the 2018 northern Osaka M6.1 earthquake and its aftershocks: joint movements on strike-slip and reverse faults in inland Japan

  Mechanism 1st Strike/dip/rake 2nd Strike/dip/rake M0 (%)
\({\mathbf{M}}_{{{\mathbf{major}}}}\) Strike-slip 52°/77°/164° 146°/74°/14° 63
\({\mathbf{M}}_{{{\mathbf{minor}}}}\) Reverse 351°/50°/63° 210°/47°/119° 37