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Fig. 2 | Earth, Planets and Space

Fig. 2

From: Development of a coronal mass ejection arrival time forecasting system using interplanetary scintillation observations

Fig. 2

Scintillation index and g values estimated by SUSANOO and observed by SWIFT. a Scintillation index (log scale) of the background solar wind without CMEs estimated by SUSANOO at 1:00 UT on September 7, 2017. b Scintillation index (log scale) of the solar wind with CMEs estimated by SUSANOO-CME. c Estimated g values, i.e., the ratio of the values shown in (b) to those shown in (a). d The IPS g values observed by SWIFT displayed using the same coordinate system. Four solid lines indicate vertical axis of four panels in Fig. 5. The vertical and horizontal axes in the figure indicate the elongation from the Sun (in radians)

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