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Fig. 5 | Earth, Planets and Space

Fig. 5

From: Development of a coronal mass ejection arrival time forecasting system using interplanetary scintillation observations

Fig. 5

Slices of the estimated g value along a specific position angle from the solar north pole indicated by the solid lines in Fig. 2d. a Along 207° at 1:00 UT, b along 235° at 2:00 UT, c along 177° at 2:00 UT and d along 135° at 3:00 UT. RUN1, RUN2, RUN3 and RUN4 are indicated by the black to gray lines. Vertical lines indicate the elongation of nearby radio sources along the slice observed at the same time: red: 2.0 < g, green: 1.5 < g < 2.0, blue: 1.2 < g < 1.5 and black g < 1.0

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