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Fig. 10

From: On some features characterizing the plasmasphere–magnetosphere–ionosphere system during the geomagnetic storm of 27 May 2017

Fig. 10

a, b The ionospheric current directions (blue arrows) as obtained on 27 May 2017 for PIIC at 15:33 UT and for MIIC at 15:42 UT, versus geomagnetic latitude (λ) and LT, after a 90° rotation of the DP fields. Red circles correspond to the geomagnetic location of the INTERMAGNET stations. Corresponding amplitudes (blue circles) in the dayside sector (06 < LT < 18) are shown in c, d versus λ, with corresponding exponential fits as red dashed curves. The local enhancement observed around the magnetic equator, which is particularly evident in the PIIC amplitude, is probably due to the equatorial electrojet effect (Carter et al. 2015, 2016)

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