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Fig. 5

From: On some features characterizing the plasmasphere–magnetosphere–ionosphere system during the geomagnetic storm of 27 May 2017

Fig. 5

Comparison between BxGSM (upper panels; GSM stands for the geocentric solar magnetic system), ByGSM (middle panels) and BzGSM (lower panels) observations (blue lines) and the BCF+R field output by the TS05 model (red lines; the subscript CF + R means that the TS05 model has been run by considering only the magnetopause and ring current contributions), for GOES15 (column a), GOES13 (column b), THEMIS E (column c) and THEMIS D (column d) on 27 May 2017 between 15:00 and 16:15 UT. The bottom panel shows the position of GOES13, GOES15, THEMIS D and THEMIS E (black full circles), the model-calculated magnetopause location before the IS passage (black thick line) and the direction of the IS front (black dashed lines) impinging the magnetopause. Black empty circle represents the Earth’s position

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