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Fig. 6

From: On some features characterizing the plasmasphere–magnetosphere–ionosphere system during the geomagnetic storm of 27 May 2017

Fig. 6

a From the top: the dynamic pressure of the solar wind as measured by WIND, the strength and the three components of IMF at WIND and of the magnetospheric field at THEMIS A (THA) and THEMIS E (THE), from 15:00 UT on 27 May 2017 to 15:00 UT on 28 May 2017. b The black curve shows the Shue et al. (1998) magnetopause profile for PSW ~ 2 nPa and Bz,IMF ~ −18 nT. Red and blue curves show the trajectories of THA and THE respectively, from ~ 17:00 UT on 27 May 2017 to ~ 13:00 UT on 28 May 2017 (full circles identify the magnetopause crossings)

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