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Fig. 2

From: Empirical relocation of large subduction-zone earthquakes via the teleseismic network correlation coefficient method

Fig. 2

Example grid-search analysis to determine the relative location in the Maule region, Chile. a Example grid search to determine the relative event location using the NCC values normalized by their standard deviation. b Alignment of the convolved waveforms for the two events when the maximum NCC value is reached. The event waveforms in b are normalized by their maximum amplitudes. The stations used in the analysis are shown in c. The black event is the reference event (January 2, 2011; \(M_{\text{W}} \,7.1\)), and the red event is the target event (March 5, 2010; \(M_{\text{W}} \,6.1\)). The two events are shown as orange points in Fig. 1b

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