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Fig. 3

From: Empirical relocation of large subduction-zone earthquakes via the teleseismic network correlation coefficient method

Fig. 3

Relocation results for the Tohoku and Maule regions. Original locations from the ISC-EHB catalog (squares; Weston et al. 2018) and relocated catalog (circles) in map view (a, c), and along the subduction-zone cross sections (b, d). The Slab 1.0 model (green; Hayes et al. 2012), as well as the fitted interfaces using the original (black) and relocated (red) catalogs, both of which incorporate the Slab 1.0 model (Hayes et al. 2012), is shown in the cross sections. See Additional file 1: Text S3 for details on the model fitting. The red stars in a and c represent the 2011 \(M_{\text{W}} \,9.1\) Tohoku and 2010 \(M_{\text{W}} \, 8.8\) Maule earthquakes, respectively

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