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Fig. 2

From: Recovery of the recurrence interval of Boso slow slip events in Japan

Fig. 2

a Detrended position time series (see text) at site 93024, whose location is shown in e. EW, NS and UD represent east–west, north–south and up–down components, with eastward, northward and upward positive, respectively. Red lines show values computed by our best-fitting interplate aseismic slip model. Error bars show one standard deviation estimated from time-dependent inversion. bd Detrended position time series at various sites. b 93027, c 93033, d 950226. e Total southeastward transient for the 2018 SSE. Black arrows indicate horizontal detrended displacements for the period between June 1 and July 23, while white arrows indicate values computed by our best-fitting aseismic model. Error ellipses show one standard deviation estimated from ordinary Kalman filtering (see text)

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