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Fig. 7

From: Wavelet-based verification of a relative paleointensity record from the North Pacific

Fig. 7

Age model for NPGP1401-2A. a ARM/IRM of a reference core KR0310-PC1 (Yamazaki and Kanamatsu 2007) is correlated to b χARM/IRM1T and χARM/χ of NPGP1401-2A for the older part (> ~ 700 ka). For the younger part, c Ba/Ti of NPGP1401-2A is correlated to d that of core SO202-39-3 (Korff et al. 2016) and e Ba/Al of ODP 882 (Jaccard et al. 2010). Temporal variations in f the SINT-2000 RPI stack (Valet et al. 2005) and g our RPI proxies (RPIARM and RPIIRM) are shown, and normal polarity chrons for NPGP1401-2A are marked as gray shades. h Linear sedimentation rate (LSR) calculated for the assigned age–depth points

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