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Fig. 8

From: Wavelet-based verification of a relative paleointensity record from the North Pacific

Fig. 8

Results of ac wavelet power spectra (WPS), de cross-wavelet spectra (XWS), and fj squared wavelet coherence (SWC). NRM10mT, ARM10mT, and IRM10mT are the remanences demagnetized in a 10 mT AF field. The 100-kyr, 41-kyr, and 23-kyr orbital periods are marked as horizontal white dashed lines. The black contour represents the 95% significance level, and the lighter shade indicates the cone of influence where the wavelet spectra may be distorted by edge effects. Arrows in diagrams represent the relative phasing of two time series: right-pointing, left-pointing, and non-horizontal arrows indicate in-phase, anti-phase, and out of phase, respectively

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