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Fig. 1

From: Multi-order vector finite element modeling of 3D magnetotelluric data including complex geometry and anisotropy

Fig. 1

Edge elements and nodes on the basis hexahedron. a Linear-order elements, \(n_\text{n}=8\), \(n_\text{e}=12\) (Kameari 1990). b High-order (quadratic) elements, \(n_\text{n}=20\), \(n_\text{e}=36\) (Kameari 1990). c High-order covariant projection (Lagrangian) elements, \(n_\text{n}=27\), \(n_\text{e}=54\) (Crowley et al. 1988). d Coordinate systems orientations. e Enumeration scheme for element nodes and element edges is internally enumerated depending on the numerical element

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