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Fig. 2 | Earth, Planets and Space

Fig. 2

From: Multi-order vector finite element modeling of 3D magnetotelluric data including complex geometry and anisotropy

Fig. 2

GPML scheme and parameters. a PML boundary extension around a modeling domain with irregularly shaped structures of different conductivity values \(\sigma _i\). PML zone starts at \(x_a\) and ends at the point \(x_b\) which are indicated for one of \(\hat{{\mathbf {x}}}\) direction (marked by red lines). b Vertical cross-section through the computational domain of the respective structure, including the PML zone. The numerical grid contains irregularities of the model structure and is regular within the PML zone. c Horizontal cross-section through the computational grid structure. The numerical grid is regularly spaced within the model domain and non-regularly extended in the PML zone. The model domain is marked by the yellow rectangle in b and c

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