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Fig. 1

From: Source rupture process of the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake deduced from strong-motion data considering seismic wave propagation in three-dimensional velocity structure

Fig. 1

Index map of the study area. The topography is plotted using the post-processed SRTM 90 m Digital Elevation Data v4.1 (Jarvis et al. 2008). a Map showing the locations of the strong-motion stations used for the source inversion study (solid triangles). Location of the epicenter is indicated by the blue star with its moment tensor solution by the Global CMT Project. b The map shows the epicenters of the aftershocks within a day from the mainshock (color circles). The rectangles correspond to the surface projection of the assumed fault model for the source inversion analysis. The solid triangles show locations of strong-motion stations. Thin gray lines represent the municipality boundary

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