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Fig. 2

From: Surface rupture and characteristics of a fault associated with the 2011 and 2016 earthquakes in the southern Abukuma Mountains, northeastern Japan, triggered by the Tohoku-Oki earthquake

Fig. 2

InSAR LOS maps of the study area (location in Fig. 1) showing surface deformation from a the 2011 event, b the 2016 event, and c the 70-day period after the 2016 event. Locations of tectonic surface ruptures (red circles) and non-tectonic or unknown minor cracks (green circles) found in field surveys are shown in a for the 2011 event and in b for the 2016 event. Profiles A–A′, B–B′, and C–C′ in b are shown in Fig. 3a–c. Locations of FFZs and their strike and dip are shown in c

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