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Fig. 8

From: Surface rupture and characteristics of a fault associated with the 2011 and 2016 earthquakes in the southern Abukuma Mountains, northeastern Japan, triggered by the Tohoku-Oki earthquake

Fig. 8

Age–depth plot showing the constrained probability density distribution of radiocarbon ages in a synthesized stratigraphic column of the west wall of the Mochiyama trench (Fig. 7b), made with OxCal v4.3.2 software (Bronk Ramsey 2017). Light-gray curves are the original probability density distribution of radiocarbon ages, and dark-gray curves are density distributions refined by Bayesian analysis. The red curve is the probability distribution of the age of the preceding event as constrained by radiocarbon ages. The blue outlines labeled “Phase” enclose all radiocarbon ages from each stratigraphic unit, and the outline labeled “Sequence” defines the order of events and groups of radiocarbon ages (Bronk Ramsey 2017)

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