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Table 3 Specifications of the seismographs for the 1947 Leyte earthquake

From: Surface creep rate distribution along the Philippine fault, Leyte Island, and possible repeating of Mw ~ 6.5 earthquakes on an isolated locked patch

SiteAngular distance from the epicenterAzimuth (epicenter to station)SeismometerPeriod (s)Damping factor
Abuyama25.5\(^\circ\)N21\(^\circ\) EWiechert DU4.70.45
Oshu31.4\(^\circ\)N25\(^\circ\) EOmori NS362.0a
(Mizusawa)  Omori EW162.0a
Berkeley100.5\(^\circ\)N48\(^\circ\) EWilip–Galitzin121.0
  1. aEstimated by trials and errors