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Fig. 7

From: Surface deformation of Asama volcano, Japan, detected by time series InSAR combining persistent and distributed scatterers, 2014‒2018

Fig. 7

a Topography around Asama volcano. Two solid lines indicate profiles whose LOS displacements are shown in Fig. 8. The mean LOS velocities from the b ALOS-2, c ascending Sentinel-1, and d descending Sentinel-1 images. Two deformation regions at the northeast and southeast of the volcano are circled by solid black lines in bd. PNEF and PSEF are the two points selected for plotting the displacement time series in Fig. 9. Black dotted lines in all panels indicate the area with NDVI value smaller than 0.4 as shown in Fig. 2b. The time span in each sub-figure indicates the observation period

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