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Fig. 2

From: P-wave first-motion polarity determination of waveform data in western Japan using deep learning

Fig. 2

The CNN models used in this study. The input data has the size of \(150 \times 1\). The output has two probability values, Up and Down. Input data are processed by seven convolution layers shown by rectangles and two fully connected layers. The numbers attached to each layer (e.g. \(125 \times 30\) in the first layer) denote the sizes of samples and channels. For example, we assign \(I = 125\), \(P = 30\), \(J = 100\), \(Q = 70\), and \(K = I - J + 1 = 26\) for the relation from the first layer to the second layer (\(\ell = 2\) in Eq. 3). “ReLU” and “Softmax” represent the activation functions used for respective layers

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